9 Simple Effective Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women

An important tip for women before accepting a date is to be genuinely interested in the guy.  There is no way to enjoy a date when there is no, even just the lack of interest.

Enjoy the following tips:

#1 - Be dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Also, don’t put on too much make up as the guy might not recognize you if he sees you without it.  If women intend to see more of the guy, then the best is to put on the barest of makeup.

#2 - Put on just enough perfume so the guy would want to get nearer and get a good sniff of the essence.  Too much perfume can be annoying to a guy and possibly even with people around you.

#3 - Talk about things you want to do or your ideas.  A date is boring when both talk about themselves and even boasting about oneself.  An exchange of ideas and opinions are the best topics.  It is not advisable to talk about politics and religion because there could some bias with either or both of you.  Disagreements and arguments could arise from it.

#4 - Boisterous laughter in public is one thing men are not too fond of.  Controlled laughter is a good way to show men that you respect the privacy of the date.  Admit to your date that you really laugh heartily in the right venues or when with private circles.

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#5 - At dinner dates, eating should be done in accordance to the ethics of the diner.  In fine dining, the places hardly offer on their menu foods that are tough or difficult to handle.  Chew food as if it would take hours for you to finish them.

#6 - Be conscious about time unless it was agreed by both of you that time is of no concern.  Week day dates for those employed should be more aware of the time they spend.  It is important that you care about your job and career.

#7 - Compliment your date about what you see outstanding in him.  It is an ego boost for men and gain more confidence in being “a knight in shining armor”.  Make sure that the compliments are for real and not just to flatter him for another date.

#8 - Don’t speak too loud, belch, and eat and drink heavily. Stay in control especially in your first date.

#9 - Don’t fart. You surely don’t want to fart him away but I’m sure this won’t happen in normal cases :-) (Frankly I’m sharing this tip because I have been farted away once and it was not only ridiculous but unforgivable, and it hurts not only my heart but my nose)

Towards the end of the date, women should express true feelings on how it was.  If the guy is not at par with expectations simply thank him.  Normally men would get the feel and understand why women not want another date with them.  Be careful for very persistent men that almost want to force themselves on women.


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    Interesting Dating Tips!

  2. You are so right; it’s not a good idea to talk politics on a date. However, if it’s important that a potential spouse be of a certain mindset, I think it could be valuable to find out how well you gel in the area of politics, sooner rather than later. Why waste time?

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