Honest Dating Advice for Women

A first date is a gauge of how each would feel in the company of the other. Normally that date is getting to know a little more about each other to find out to what certain degree they would be compatible.

A good dating advice for women is not to be carried away by plain emotions and doubtful first impression. There may be such thing as love at first sight but not reliable for a long-term relationship.

Why?  How could you be surely in love with someone you hardly know?

What kind of man is he?

This attribute of mankind applies to all. Everyone is unique from each other.  Forget about match made in heaven that might happen only in one in a million.

Women should not force to like what their date likes. Be natural and true to yourself.  Show or express a respectful disapproval on something you are not in favor of or do not really like.

The saying, “accept people for what and who they are”, will not be an effective in dating and long term relationships.

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Dating just for the fun of it?

There are women who enjoy going out on dates especially if it’s always the guy who picks the tab. Those of this type would later find out that word has come out in their circles that they’re not good dates.

Some of you may enjoy being the talk of the town as one who is frequently dated with no intention of getting into a serious relationship, and dating for you would soon be an ‘endangered event or even be extinct’.

So I honestly advise you to not to take it this way, as men will feel being played by women who just want to go out on dates.  those who go dating just for kicks will find out that the future may not be promising for a happy married life.

Talk on what he finds interesting

Conversations during a date should be less of you. You should be aware that dating is the best way to find out what interests their date. What interests the partners is the key to future dates that will further build up a more romantic relationship.  Of course, there are many things a woman might or could find interesting as many interests of men are different from theirs.

Discover what he really wants

There are 2 best ways to do this.

You may search and ask the experienced men and women who started from dating and are now having a successful relationship.  However, this may take quite some time and in some cases you may not be able to really copy what they have done, and you surely don’t want to “lose yourself” by copying 100% of others.

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