How To Ask Out A Girl Today!

Hey, why do you guys find it so hard to ask women out to a date? If truth be told, the thing that you most likely fear is the idea of getting rejected.

Taking rejection is not an easy thing at the beginning I understand. It hurts your ego a bit but asking a girl out could actually be dead easy…as long as you know the secret to a their psyche. Want to know more? Read on…

Why 99% of Nerds fail 99% of the time…

First you gotta understand that they are gentle creatures. They love to be treated with care.

Don’t treat them the way you treat your roommates… or your mum!

Don’t let her find you unkind and insensitive even if you actually are, pretend to be a super gentlemen! Turn her on first!

Then you gotta get her trust – but before you’re able to do that, you gotta give yourself more opportunities to get close with her and give her the opportunity to discover you. You can easily do this by making up a nice excuse to get to sit next to her in class…in a bar…in a park…or wherever you can think of (we’ll get to your home soon…be patient!)

Whenever you got a chance to talk to her…remember to be yourself at all times. Being pretentious is not a solid foundation of a good friendship (relationship). Perhaps give it 1-3 weeks to establish your friendship with her. Again, be patient at this point!

Best time to ask for her number!

Whenever you see or feel that she is already comfortable with you like when you see her laughing at your gags etc… the next thing to do is to ask for her number. You may use your Math homework as an excuse to ask for her number.

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Now that you’ve got her number, you can call her up at night just to say hello or goodnight. Do not stay long on the phone. Do not give hints that you like her although she may already get it in her mind. This will help boost her confidence in you and especially make her kind of starting to “think about” you whenever she feels bored. One fact to keep in mind is that women love mystery.

Otherwise, giving hints too early that you like her may either bore her or worse, which in turn leaves you no chance.

Lunch, shopping, cinema made brain-dead easy

Ok, now ask her if you can have lunch together. Give it your best to be casual always. Getting nervous can give the both of you feelings of awkwardness. Trust me, 99% of “she” will more or less enjoy lunch with you.

Once this happens, invite her to lunch more often. You may also bring her home one time. :lol:

Once you have established a routine with her, asking her out becomes brain dead easy. Anyway I find it asking her personally works much better… so don’t do it over the phone or over text, or it may seem you’re not serious at all.

Always keep in mind – do not be blunt. Instead of asking “Can we go out on a date?” ask “Can we have dinner tonight?” in the beginning stage.

Asking a girl out is really that simple. I’ve done it countless times last year. So can YOU!