How To Flirt Over Text

There is one very important thing to keep in mind when thinking of flirting – subtlety.

If you are a woman, it’s not that important for you as subtlety would come out of you naturally so flirting can actually be easier for you compared to men.

While because 95% of men lack of this, we can sometimes come out as annoying or too pushy when we try to flirt even though we thought they like it. In reality and in most cases they actually don’t. But…

Flirting Over Text Is Way Easier! 

Yea, flirting over text may be a whole different story since you are away from each other. This may work to your advantage since you have the luxury of time to think about what to say and how to say it properly. Here are some smart tips on how to flirt over text.

Caring Works!

To start a conversation through text, you can begin by sending a “Caring” message like “Hello, how are you? I just wanted to tell you that you passed my mind. I hope you are doing okay.” This will most likely elicit a reply from the other end.

If he or she answers, you can think about the highlights of your day together to use as a foundation for your conversation…

Simple Detail Works!

You may compliment something that she wore today or if you are a woman trying to flirt with a man, you can compliment about how he styled his hair.

It can be something like, “You look better when your hair is brushed up.

Remember simple details like this can make them feel the special attention you are giving.

Also, never forget to always include his or her name in your message. For example, “Hello, _______. I hope I’m not bothering you. I just wanted to let you know that you crossed my mind.” would be a gentle message that could elicit a response.

C’mon, Don’t Be So Bored At Your Text

After a text exchange with him or her, you may again use this technique as you say good night. An ideal bedtime message would be, “I know you’re tired so I won’t keep you up very late. I’ll just see you again tomorrow morning. Have good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, ________. (kiss icon)”.

Using a person’s name in a message makes it very personal and intimate. Another nice thing about this message is that it gives you both something nice to look forward to the next day.

As you notice, there is also a “kiss icon” in the end of the message. Using emoticons in your messages plays a very big factor in successful flirting as they may trigger the imagination.

Let’s take for instance the wink icon. Plainly texting,

I’ll see you tomorrow.” is very much different from texting,

I’ll see you tomorrow. ;)

Since you are away from each other, emoticons can somewhat concretize your feelings for you. They add emphasis to your flirty text messages.

Another time to bring out that kiss icon is when saying good night. “Good night, _______.” (kiss icon) in this case is an appropriate example.

Making Room For Mystery

Now if you see that your conversation is somewhat getting strained or bored, you may excuse yourself for a while and tell him or her that you’ll be texting again in a while. Always make room for mystery to keep the conversation going.

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