How To Hook Up With A Girl

One Friday night, you ask your friends out to a bar so you could relax and get rid of the stress you have accumulated throughout your tiring week at work.

Once in the bar, you find a comfortable seat at the counter and order a glass of scotch on the rocks from the bartender.

As you chat with your friends, you notice a beautiful woman just across the room. You are attracted to her pretty face and her hot womanly gestures. Because of this, your mind races on how to get her number. But how will you do this?

To help you, here are some techniques on how to hook up with a girl that you like.

First thing fails, everything fails

More often than not, the first thing we notice is a person’s physical appearance. So naturally, you have to groom yourself up very well. You should dress up smartly.

You need to look and smell good in order to attract attention. Shave clean your face and style your hair properly.

Next, be approachable. Look friendly and smile!

The “must-know” smiling & glancing tricks

Look, you don’t have to smile the whole time thou. Yes she’ll definitely look at you more but probably she’s just thinking that you’re mentally ill. :lol: So don’t over it! When your friends talk to you, smile when you need to so when she unintentionally glances your way, she will notice your smile.

Next, try to establish good eye contact with her. Send admiring glances her way. This may take a little time especially when she really does not notice you are there so be patient.

Once she looks at you, try to give her a little smile. Sending her admiring glances does not mean staring at her. You may come out as annoying if you do this. So just glance her way from time to time.

If you notice that she responds to your glances by looking back too, you know that there is a chance that she likes you as well. This is the time when you can establish eye contact for a few seconds.

If she stares back at you, that is a better response as this can be a signal for you to move on to the next level. You can now approach her.

Chin up! She’s waiting for you! No courage = No woman

If you really need an extra courage boost, you may drink a little alcohol or whatever you like to boost up your confidence. You just gotta stand up and walk to her. Remember, no woman likes cowardice!

The moment you approach her, introduce yourself and offer your hand. Tell her that she has been catching your attention since you entered the bar. Focus on her by asking about what she does and her interests. This can emphasize your interest on her. Do not forget to buy her drinks. (You can’t be so mean, man!)

As the conversation goes along, you try to gauge when to ask for her number. You can say something like, “Even if I am enjoying this conversation with you, I don’t think this is the right place for this. Plus, I also want you to enjoy the night as you planned it so is it okay if I ask for your number?

Saying this will help emphasize that your interests lie on her enjoyment and not just your desires. It will also show some kind of respect for her as you choose a better place to talk to her than there.

Everything is that simple. All you need to do is just to follow all these steps on how to hook up with a girl. Just remember – be smart, be respectful, and be true. A woman will open up more if you do this.

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