How to Save A Marriage Effectively

How to Save a Marriage

Factors that can cause a marriage to go bad are numerous with irreconcilable differences as the worst. With spouses unable to reconcile their differences, it often leads to separation or divorce. Infidelity, cheating, lies and financial woes follow closely as factors for a marriage to go bad.

Whatever the factors are, now it’s not the time to complain anymore but to take action to really remedy the relationship.

Marriage counseling (Not recommended)

Here’s why…

Couples having a stormy marriage and hardly speak to each are often advised to seek the services of a marriage counselor.  However, there is no marriage counselor yet to have claimed a high success rate.  Another, couples with financial problems will not be able to afford them.

Therefore, instead of paying everything for something that has a low chance to work, I would truly recommend you to follow a realistic step-by-step plan to save your marriage.

Let go undesirable past events

Marriages going bad would have gone through several situations that are not to the liking of both partners.  Bad situations make the couples blame each other and could even make them refer to past events that they would insinuate as precedents.

As long as the past events were “no foul – no harm” events, that would be quite easy to let go.  Letting go of undesirable past events will be just like a process of elimination.

In short, try to let go first of the easiest to forgive and forget, then progress towards the more difficult ones. That way, it is the much more effective step to eventually let go all the undesirable past events and it is more comforting to the emotions to have been able to get past issues making it more comfortable to accept the more difficult issues.

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You calm down, she calms down

Imagine that a marriage going bad is just like the preludes to World War I and II.  All were due to misunderstanding, miscommunication, greed for power and supremacy.  The wars took place where one side was a loser and had to surrender very much like divorce proceedings.

Don’t allow a lawyer to convince you are going to win the “war” as what advisers of countries did then that lost the wars. Lawyers will just never tell you how to save a marriage because helping is just not their “final purpose”. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have, especially if you have children, when you are able to save your marriage.

No angry, no fire

Being rude in situations where relationship is at stake, makes matters worse because of  ill expectations of surrender to rudeness.  On the other hand, being naturally nice will work wonders that will confuse the “enemy”.  There are only a few people who would not react positively to niceties.  Make sure though that it is not just an act because things could really become more nasty than what it is.

To conclude all that was taken up here, it simply points to exhausting all avenues to improve and make a relationship better.  There is no point in adversity as it would create even unexpected enemies.

A marriage going bad is like a war going bad that needs the right methods to stop, which would eventually lead it back into peace and happiness. Although not all methods you try are guaranteed to work, but some of them will do unless you give up trying.


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