Seriously, How to Text a Girl You Like

You come to class and sit on a corner in the back of the room. You now have a full view of the entire class. As you scan your eyes across the room, a very pretty girl catches your attention. Her appeal to you is so strong that you suddenly feel the need to introduce yourself and befriend her.

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The next thing you know, you are finding yourself looking for another seat closer to her. Fortunately, there is a vacant seat beside her so you make your way to that chair and casually sit down. You try to be friendly by smiling at her. Unexpectedly, she smiles back at you.  :lol:

After a while, you find yourselves engaging in conversation and exchanging numbers. Now that you have her number, you wonder how you can text this girl you like. But just no idea what you should and should not say  :cry:

Come on! At the very least, figure HER out a bit

Before you start texting a girl, know her daily schedule. Find out the time she usually spends with family and friends. Keep in mind never to text her during those times.

The best time you could text her is at night just before she tucks herself into bed. You can completely focus on each other during this time.

Keep it up and up and up……

Another tip is to text her everyday during the same time. This will help develop a certain degree of expectation and anticipation on her part that will even make her like you more.

As a starting text, make it as casual and as warm as possible like, “Hey, how are you? Are you done with our homework in Spanish?” The ideas is to always keep your messages brief while establishing a good and friendly conversation.

Just remember Not to create long text messages yet as this may distract the girl’s attention and make her focus on other things if you don’t reply immediately.

Also, never send texts twice in a row. You may come off as desperate. Wait for her response before sending another one back. Next is for you to show interest in her life. Ask her how her day was. Pay attention to her interests so she can find it easier to open up.

How to keep her addicted to your text

By now she should know that you are “flirting” with her, but remember, never overdo it. Do not flirt with her every minute of the day. This can annoy, tire, or bore her. Instead, do flirt when you have the chance.

For example, Notice that boys don’t usually use emoticons when texting. But never underestimate the power of emoticons. Leave a few kisses and smiles when you say goodnight to her.

Times have truly changed and the days of exchanging and patiently waiting for love letters at your doorstep are long gone. Technology has made things easier for us who wants to talk to the girl we like. You could choose to text her anytime of the day with instant results. Just follow the tips on how to text a girl and let her how special she is to you.

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