4 Sure-Fire Relationship Advice for Men

Men in relationships should have a good understanding of their partner, not as a weaker sex but instead as one who would be there for them when the going gets tough and rough.

Many women show more composure, cooler attitude and straight line of thinking in the face adversities in life.  Masculinity should no longer be used over logic and reason that many women have.

The best relationship advice for men would be to always  give your partner the equal right to express their thoughts, opinions and even their intuitions.

Be a different gentleman

If you are already a gentlemen, great for you! If not, don’t worry, just at the very least try to be one and make it a habit, as it will greatly benefit your entire relationship in the future.

However it is just NOT the way as many people think…

In relationships such as  in married life, being a gentleman does not necessarily mean pulling the chair for the spouse or opening the door for them.  Sometimes, it could even be misconstrued as implying they are a weaker sex.

Women appreciate the acts, but a good number of them want to feel they can do those themselves. Yes, that is part of what women want in liberation, they do not want to be too dependent on small matters. But try to…

 Give surprise, show up with a rose or a card not just for holidays. How about a little flower with a sweet love note around her pillow? It will keep many girls happy for days. Remember it’s not about the price but the effort.

 Keep doing nice things that make her happy. When watching tv with her, leave the channel there that she likes. Whatever she’s carrying, try to “let me do that for you”. The idea is not to be selfish and be nice.

Think and re-think

People have different ways or patterns of thinking, and often, the way women think are different on how men think.  Of course, it depends on their orientation, upbringing and influences.

Although most men would have known already at least 75 percent of his spouse’s way of thinking ever since they have been in a relationship, there are still 25 percent that they forget to tell or find it hard to talk about and they do want someone (you) to ask about so that they can comfortably share with you. Just try it to ask more and deeper today (in a nice rather than annoying way) and you will surely find out a lot more from her, which will boost your relationship!

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Knowing how each other thinks is an ideal way of making two heads work together. Remember there is no such thing as “I do not have the time to think”.


This is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Humor is very akin to happiness.  Women laugh and giggle a lot compared to men.  Having good humor in your relationship keeps the bond better and promotes a positive atmosphere.  Especially it really does help relieve tension even at times when things are not going the way they should.

Life is supposed to be fun! You should let the humor come.


Sometimes giving way to thoughts of women no matter how ridiculous or complicated they are is an act of understanding.  It is the same as giving due consideration for what they have in mind.

The act of understanding women can sometimes lead them to ponder over they had in mind and realize that what you have in mind might be better.

One thing for men to always consider is that women are very sensitive in many ways. With all that was mentioned above, coping with them in a relationship will appeal very much to sensitivity of women. Most women are very sensitive to cleanliness, manners and orderliness on almost anything.  They dislike cleaning or fixing that men make or do.

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