3 Must-Know Relationship Advice for Women

Relationship Advice for Women:

The relationship advice that will be referred to here is of a romantic one that you have with men. It starts from courtship, being “on”, “engaged” and finally getting “married”.

If you are in courtship with a man (still getting to know each other more intimately), the following tips are Must-Read for you!

The choice for you is either to look for what you actually want from him or simply accept him for who and what he is.  Whatever the option you prefer in having a relationship will lead to being “on” with him.

#1 Emotion can mislead 

Going steady or being on with a man, both are actually testing their compatibility and how long they could be steady. Many women rely very much on their emotions and hardly think about where the relationship would lead to.

Men that are flowery with words and good at flattery often get women flat footed. We should not be very vulnerable with these kind of men. It is quite difficult to know the motive and true intentions of men with that approach to a relationship.

The relationship advice for women at this stage is to look for special care, attention and thoughtfulness from a man. With those characteristics shown by men, you can be rest assured that getting engaged will be the next step.

#2 Engage deeper when engaged

When engaged, you are advised to look deeper in the relationship if it could end up in a happy marriage.  Things to look for are a man’s outlook in life and plans that will not get in the way of a relationship.

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Often a self-made man is better than one who still aims to be made in the after marriage.  Priorities of some men are often more on financial satisfaction over maintaining a good relationship with his family.  Many men think that as long as money is there, the relationship with women will not be a problem..

#3 Secure your long-term relationship

An important advice that is always good if you want a sweet “long-term” relationship is not to be too materialistic. It could lead to greed for money that is, in many many cases a cause of broken marriages and divorce

So before getting married, you should have already known if your needs are fulfilled at your engaged stage. If not, you really should take serious time to re-consider whether you’re making the right decision. This is exactly what is meant during the exchange of vows in a wedding ceremony. The relationship will stay for better or for worse no matter what.

As final note for women in a relationship, not all men are the same as with all women.  It is a matter of getting an ideal match for a lasting relationship.  Knowing the self means knowing what will need to be found with the opposite sex.

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