Tricks on How to Flirt with a Girl Successfully

Perhaps one of the hardest obstacles a boy could face is being in the presence of the girl he likes without knowing how to catch her attention.

You just got to understand this first, naturally when you like a girl, you will do everything you could for her to like you too, right?

Oh yeah!

If you agree, then this is gonna be where your successful flirting should come in.

But… have you ever wondered why boys usually find it hard to flirt with girls? Indeed, flirting is an innate behavior of us. But did you know that flirting comes second-nature to women than to men?

We are very scared to end up as a clumsy flirt and just making a fool out of ourselves. However, we should be aware of two important things that should always be present during flirting.

Turn Her On Tactically

The first step in flirting is to be yourself and make the most out of yourself. There is nothing worse than pretending to be someone you are not just so a girl will like you. Being pretentious will only turn her off.

The moment you start making moves, keep in mind that you are also starting to build the foundation of your relationship with her. Also, do not forget to groom yourself well by shaving clean and dressing smartly. You may also splash on a sexy cologne or aftershave to help add a lasting impression.

Next is to send admiring glances her way, and this is where the first important factor for successful flirting comes in. It is called subtlety. 

There are times when men become too outright in expressing their feelings; this may lead to the girl getting either irritated or offended. So make sure you are subtle in your gestures and do not look at her as if you want to be in bed with her right this very moment.

If the girl successfully returns your glances, that is an indication that she may like you, too. Woohoo~

The Tricky Flirty Talk

Once this happens, you can now approach her. Make it casual by doing away with the usual pick up lines. Simply ask what her name is and also introduce yourself politely. After that, single her out by giving attention to her interests and what she does.

Here, you can now use the second important trick on how to flirt with a girl. It is called implication. For instance, she says that she loves rock climbing. Don’t say, “I bet you are very good at rock climbing.” Do not be too blunt as they may diminish the challenge. Instead, say, “I really admire girls who do rock climbing.

Simply make implied statements to stir in a degree of “safe intrigue”. She will feel comfortable and assured enough that you like her. Being too explicit by saying outright that you like her will just bore her since the lack of challenge was suddenly ended.

A certain amount of mystery should always be present. After giving her your attention and you can see that she is also keen on you, you can now ask for her number.

Always remember these two important tricks when flirting with your dream girl. And for those of you who are still undecided about whether to flirt or now, keep in mind that guys who do not flirt are very boring to girls while guys who overflirt are annoying. So, stay somewhere in between and keep the mystery flowing.